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Blockchain Matters.

Trustworthy transaction protocol in a digital trust- less environment! 


Blockchain matters because it allows digital exchange of assets in a highly secure manner without the need for central authorities.

Our Services.

International Structures.

99 Jurisdictions. 34 Neo banks. 23 Licences for your truly decentralised Blockchain venture. 

Blockchain in a Box.

Our most innovative legal service offering. Everything you need custom packaged in a Virtual Box! 

DeFi. Smart Contracts.

For that Finance guy who wants to leverage the power of Blockchains to make contracts Smarter or run dEx protocols, we are there for you.

dApps. DAO. RWAs. Metaverse.

For that Tech Developer building dApps, Real World assets Tokenisation, Metaverse; we are your Full Stack Legal support for everything Blockchain.

Decentralised. Secure. Immutable. Transparent.

Blockchain for Education

Blockchain for Enterprise

Blockchain for Developers

Blockchain for Governance

Our Founder speaks.

As featured in.

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