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Every once in a while, a technology is introduced which not only changes the rules of the game, but changes the entire game itself. 


It happened with the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in 1970s,  with the Fibre Optics in 1980s, with the IEEE 802.16 in 1990s, with the wide acceptance of Mobile Phones in 2000s and with Artificial intelligence & Biofuel based products in 2010s.


Each of these technologies brought about a revolution in a manner that resulted in massive disruption, questioning the status quo and ultimately changing the entire industry forever. 


Blockchain is THAT technology. 


What ? 

In a world that is connected yet centralised, a need for “opening” and democratising existing financials technologies is needed to empower the true users of the technology.

Blockchain is the most futuristic software platform for digital world. 

"The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value."  - Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

Why ? 

Embeds accountability in the system itself, with validation of transactions in a secure environment improving transparency and yet being incorruptible with self audit features which reconcile themselves every 10 mins, in a decentralised - designed chronologically organised distributed public ledgers!

Need we say more ? 

How ? 

With the building blocks provided by the blockchain, businesses may together build the new Web 3.0 by applying Blockchain Technology in Smart Contracts, iOT, AML & KYC, Land title registration, Government Voting, Protection of Intellectual Property, Data Management, Stock Trading to name a few. 

"Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value…Lot’s of people will build businesses on top of that.”  - Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google [Source:]


About Blockchain Lawyer

What are we contributing to the Blockchain ecosystem?

While the world is still toddling with the building blocks of the blockchain, comprehending how to truly build the next web 3.0, we too are combining our legal acumen with this technology to help businesses create futuristic web products. 

In addition, we offer presentations for research, educational and commercial perspective to explain blockchain technology and smart contracts from a legal perspective for enterprise grade adoption.

Since the blockchain technology is in native state and yet to gain mainstream acceptance of ruling governments nationally and internationally, we also communicate with governments for helping build regulatory frameworks for mass acceptance of this technology. 



$ 12 Bn


Savings by Financial Cos using Blockchain
Mkt Value of Blockchains
Financial Sector Spend in 2018


Dedicated Team for Global Solutions


The team behind Blockchain Lawyer to help build futuristic disruptive Web 3.0 products using blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology.
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Tech Products on DLT

DLT offers the tools and frameworks to developers and businesses to experiment on new grounds of SaaS , PaaS, DaaS products and services. Such new protocols shall help bring better transparency, compliance, faster transactional audits, traceability making possible uses cases such as better supply chain management, DLT based Voting, SmartContracts for eCourts, Real Time Audits, eNotary and much more.

Enterprise Grade Adoption

Enterprise grade adoption for existing traditional organisation who spend huge financial values on audit, transactions trails, reconciliation, double spends, working capital holdups, centralised rigid management and more and transforming them into DLT based democratic, autonomous, self governing, transparent organisation where audits are conducted real time, transparency is inbuilt in the system, democratic decentralised decision making everyone accountable. We build legal frameworks for such organisation to get created and operate. 

Blockchain's Digital Assets

Code is not (yet) Law. However, smart contracts can truly make that happen some time in future! We foresee use of decentralised democratic distributed ledgers to build greater transparency in public records. Tech developers of future shall operate on publicly auditable platforms with social & public accountability and operate seamlessly in an environment that shall encourage innovation with spend transparency. We endeavour to contribute towards building of such Smart Contracts of the future within the legal parameters of applicable law. 

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Taxing Decentralised Transactions

Taxes form crucial part of a Country's Financial and Compliance Framework. With the advent of contemporary technology like Blockchain, the taxonomy of incidence of Tax; changes. How taxes shall be levied and compliance framework build for such futuristic technologies shall be a challenges for governments, we have analysed international frameworks and developments in this matter and offer solutions based on international guidelines. 

Blockchain's DAO

The future holds promise of creation of such organisation that are remotely operated by decentralised nodes without the need of any centralised authority for decision making for the population. Such organisations shall operate more democratically. We help build compliance guidelines for projects that endeavour to become Decentralised Autonomous Organisations of future. Such organisations may operate with social or commercial objectives and overcome the challenges posed by rigid centralised management, it ideally gives the power back to the population.

What's the place?

Different countries of the world offer different, rather sometimes conflicting viewpoints about blockchains and decentralised technology since in some cases it helps build trustless democratic systems and in other cases it offers risk of loosing centralised controls. Japan has been at the forefront of such innovation while other countries like USA, Germany, France are taking measured steps towards it. We help your organisation to leverage benefits of decentralisation yet be compliant with the laws of the country it is set up at and operates with government recognised licences.

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