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Who we are.

We are a Team of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Corporate Secretaries, Researchers, Tech Developers, Ex Governance Officers and of course Enthusiastic Interns.


Varun Sethi.

Founder, Blockchain Lawyer

Blockchain Lawyer was started as a vision to understand and observe the disruptions that Bitcoin brought to the traditional money market. 

Never before had a technology challenged the numero uno status of fiat currency as much as Bitcoin did since 2009.

The research about money systems in light of this new challenge led to conclusion about how brittle the current money system was and why Blockchains would create a new world order of Internet money!

Blockchain Lawyer is a research heavy firm founded by Mr. Varun Sethi, who is as much as Lawyer as he is a Techie, Cyclist and Speaker. 

Team Blockchain Lawyer seeks to achieve an ambitious target of re writing the legal rules of the game of money through Blockchains. 


Alexa, California

Blockchain  legal powerhouse ! You just need this ONE team to make it happen in Blockchains. #Buidl and leave rest to them.

Chong Xi, Singapore

Tech lawyers, a rare breed !

I  found them to be diligent , fair and subject matter experts in this Industry. 

Raman, India

Look no further for Crypto Taxes or Crypto Entity set up with speed and clarity . 5 star service !

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