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Our Services

Our services are specially hand crafted to provide a solution that matches your need. Pick a standard off the shelf Blockchain solution or ask for custom packaging one for you. 

To know more about our ever evolving and growing list of services in the dynamic world of Blockchains, book a session with us. 

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International Structures.

Offshore / OnShore  : 

  • Crypto Licensed Entity in 99 Jurisdictions of World.

  • VASP Licence in 34 Jurisdictions.

  • Remote set up of Crypto friendly Bank Accounts.

  • On ramp, Off ramp cross border solutions.

Blockchain in a Box.

Off- the- shelf Virtual Box :

  • Legal Toolkit for Crypto Currency Exchange.

  • Legal Toolkit for Crypto Fund House.

  • ICO / STO / IEO Legal Whitepaper

  • User Terms, Privacy Policy, AML, KYC, Disclosure Norms

Smart Contracts & VASP Licence

All that you require to run a node : 

  • Make your Smart Contract legally enforceable.

  • Smart Contract Audit. 

  • L1 and L2 Legal Audit & Utility Token Opinions

  • VASP Licence in BVI, Cayman, EU, SG, MENA.

dApps. DAOs. Metaverse.

Develop your dApp & leave the rest to us :

  • Regulatory Legal Toolkit for your dApp.

  • Legal Smart Contract Audit of your dApp.

  • Global Metaverse Licence and in app purchases

  • Governance DAO with legal working Policies. 

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