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Why Blockchain matters.

Every once in a while, a technology is introduced which not only changes the rules of the game, but changes the entire game itself. 

It happened with the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in 1970s,  with the Fibre Optics in 1980s, with the IEEE 802.16 in 1990s, with the wide acceptance of Mobile Phones in 2000s and with Artificial intelligence & Biofuel based products in 2010s.


Each of these technologies brought about a revolution in a manner that resulted in massive disruption, questioning the status quo and ultimately changing the entire industry forever. 

Blockchain is THAT technology. 

In a world that is connected yet centralised, a need for “opening” and democratising existing financials technologies is needed to empower the true users of the technology.

Blockchain is the most futuristic software platform for digital world. 

"The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value."  - Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

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Our Solutions for everyone.

Blockchain for Education

Blockchain for Enterprise

Blockchain for Developer

Blockchain for Governance


LinkedIn 2020 reported Blockchain as top skill to be acquired for next generation jobs. Educating the next generation about Blockchain by setting up Blockchain Academy, brain storming use cases and researching intriguing Blockchain topics like Zero Knowledge Proofs, Consensus protocol would enable next generation to develop smarter money uses. 


The first contributors to the Blockchain Industry are Tech Developers who are developing Tech products like Ethereum, Tron, Algorand, Ripple along with solving scalability matters, creating innovative consensus protocols, offering DeFI solutions despite challenges of lack of adequate regulations to operate yet making masses; rethink money!


Enterprise grade blockchain are far and few. Scaling up and speed are two major impediments in this. Moreover lack of regulatory governance also makes it risky for mainstream enterprises to try this adventure. However the ever growing startup fraternity is freely experimenting in this industry to bring solutions to disrupt the status quo.  


Blockchain governance lacks pace however with major disruptions expected in Real Estate, Finance, Remittances, Trading, Banking, Privacy, Voting, Hedge Funds, Identity, Insurance, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Loyalty Program, Charity, Credit History, Crowd Funding, Gaming, Pharma; Governance cant lag behind. 

The Blockchain impact.

Banking DAOs

The emergence of 'Neo Banks' shall be triggered by Blockchains disruption.

De Fi

With Blockchain, World will re think how money flows through the veins of global channels. 


Have an Asset? Securitising it with blockchain shall be the next big thing in 2020s.

Digital Assets

By far the most innovative and apparent use case shall be using cryptographic tokens.

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