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(Last updated March 01, 2023)

We are hiring three (3) Blockchain Interns (BlockTerns) for a 3-month, paid, work-from-anywhere program for Team Blockchain Lawyer.


So if you are into Finance / Tech / Law / Digital Marketing / Economics / Research or so and aged 20 something with a laptop and internet, read on...

Job Description

Research Internship

We understand, with the buzz around you may have heard the terms but may not (yet) know the deeper nuances of Blockchain / Virtual Digital assets /  Decentralised / Tokenization and such jargons.

(woosh! The stuff has really gone technical in the past few years, from the time we started way back in year 2016!  Do you then want to ride the rising wave? If yes, read on...)


Ahh, yes you may have some questions, we have tried covering some of the key ones here :


Is this for real? Will you expose us to the realities of the blockchain world ?

Yes. We are a research heavy LegalTech Global Consulting Team having exposures in 99  countries' laws.


We provide an entire gamut of experiences in various protocols - why and how they work /  legalities of global Virtual Digital Asset / comparatives of digital asset Laws across the world / Fractionalised Ownership / DeFi / Smart Contract / Regulations and more.


This experience will enrich you to be a non fiat asset trader / digital asset legal analyst / Blockchain Lawyer / exposure in global Blockchain content marketing / Tokenomics writer and more.

Excited ? Read on...

Will we get a stipend ?

Yes. A monthly stipend shall be paid in INR and an added surprise if you successfully complete the 3 months Blockternship.


Whats the surprise?

Shhhh.. it's actually a surprise !


I haven't yet completed my studies. I am in my last year / semester. Can I apply?

Yes. With the permission of your college, if you are able to attend a full time, non fettered internship, you are eligible to apply.


I am already into a job but want to learn more about blockchain. Can I apply ?

You may apply however please note we are preferring youthful energies for these roles so do consider that. However we do offer you to access our free resource section at our website to gain meaningful knowledge.


Will I get a certificate as well at the end of successful completion of the BlockTernship ?

Ofcourse yes. Rather you would get a blockchain verified certificate upon successful completion!


Is this part time or full time?

Absolutely full time. While we have flexible work timings and are willing to accommodate requests to be even more flexible however you shall be working on real life assignment so need to align the timing with client needs.


Will I work alone ?

Naah! A team member shall be allocated to you to whom you have to report. And our founder, Varun Sethi, too shall ensure your blockternship gains more meaning.


What more should I know about the BlockTernship?

The BlockTernship shall be slightly heavier on the legal side, so please consider that while applying, so a degree in Law is preferred but not mandatory.


Also let us share a little secret... We hire our full time team members generally from our Blockterns, so do put in the effort to make it count and you may be our next full time hire!


How to apply ?

See the form below. 

I still have questions, how to contact you ? is the best way to reach us.

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